Where to eat


1. Maria’s in Pereta-  Going through the arch into the old part take the road to

the right as you enter. Just after the low wall is a tiny restaurant on your right

called ’MARIA’S’. It is run by a lovely couple called Luciano and Naomi.

It costs about 25 euro each and you eat the set menu… don’t eat too much

As its about 6 courses plus wine! If you want to try local cuisine this is the

place to go!!!


2. Chingale Bianco in Pereta- Great pizza place: ‘CINGHIALE BIANCO’ Franco is

the chef and owner and real funny guy. He often plays tricks on everybody when he's

not too busy. His pizzas are delicious and cheap. It’s on the main road on the left as

you approach Pereta. (You don’t go through the arch into the old part.).

It doesn’t look very nice from the outside but its well worth going in! 

Its VERY child friendly. Opens at 7pm.

Only accepts cash though. You can also take pizzas away (but you may have to wait

A while). If you have had a day on the beach it’s nice to call in on the way back.

Service is not always fast but your in Tuscany.... What's the rush?


3. Il Moletto in Porto Santo Stefano- have a drive over to this lovely port one

afternoon (about 30mins by car). You can park right at the beginning in a large

car park or be adventurous and try and find a parking spot in the town… but

watch out for parking restrictions! Stroll and admire the boats and then walk

all the way along the promenade, passing loads of restaurants and pizzerias.

We personally like the very last restaurant ‘IL MOLETTO’ that jets out into

the sea slightly. Try the sea food there… yum yum!!! On the way back to the

car try out the second or third ice-cream place with its unusual flavours like fig

and caramel! (no wonder Marco and I can’t loose weight!!!)


4. Porto Santo Stefano– If you are up for an adventure take the car to the heart of

Porto Santo Stefano and at the last mini roundabout go up following the signs for

PANORAMICA. Follow this road up and off to the right. It is a bendy road that

takes you high above the town. Once you have been going for about 15 minutes

you will see ‘IL BOTTEGONE’ bar/restaurant on the right hand side. (it has

bamboo fencing). Try and get there early before the sun goes down as the sunset

here is STUNNING! Enjoy traditional fish dishes with a view to die for of the

Argentario coast. Its not a posh place and isn’t very cheap but we always end our holiday here.


5. Orbetello marketIf you like picnics then go to Orbetello market on a Saturday morning and line up at one of the ‘Italian fast food’ vans!!! Bag yourself Frittura di pesece (mixed fried fish like calamari and prawns etc), Olive ascolane (deep fried stuffed olives), crocchette di patate (potato crochets) and lots of other goodies. Head off to one of the beaches like Feniglia or one on the Giannella and set up your gourmet Italian picnic!!!


Scansano- has a few restaurants but you will have to book at weekends. As you enter the 2nd square( Piazza Garibaldi) with the statue in the middle (where the entrance to the old town is) the road up on your left has a nice restaurant up a few steps. It has a decking area opposite which is a nice retreat on a hot summers evening.


Magliano- has a few restaurants too, arrive early and book a table for later. Most Italians eat about 8.30pm so if you eat about 7pm you should have no problem during the week. Weekends are very busy in the summer months and it can be a bit hard to get a table. In August it has a food festival not to be missed! Just outside the arch to the old town is an area covered with white canopies. You order what you want at the gate and the local kids serve you and you tip them… food is fantastic and very cheap!!!


During the summer most villages have festivals, ‘Sacra della…’ celebration of … mushrooms, wild boar, truffle etc. All usually related to food of course! They put up large white canopies in the village and you’ll see loads of people going to eat there. The locals cook the food and the kids serve it (Its important to tip the kids as they do it for free!) GO!!! The food is great and very cheap. Magliano have a great one in August well worth trying, just before the arch to the old part of the town. Keep your eyes open for village SACRA’s!!!