Etruscan Ruins

Sorano is an ancient Etruscan town that stands on a high summit that has weathered to resemble a natural cliff and is surrounded by impressive walls to make it one of the most secure defensive systems in the county of Pitigliano.

The lovely fortress commands from a high, one of the most esteemed examples of military architecture of the Italian Renaissance period.

The Orsini Palace and the large Etruscan necropolis are also recommended visiting.


Sovana was an important centre from Etruscan times and up to the 12th century. From the 1960s, improvement and restoration projects have restored its particular evocative atmosphere. A real architectural jewel is the cathedral, built in the 9th century and modified between the 11th and 12th


Parco Archeologico di Roselle

Etruscan Architecture and a Roman Town in Maremma

The Parco Archeologico di Roselle extends over two hills and contains the remains of the ancient city of Roselle - one of the most interesting and important archaeological areas in the whole of Italy.

The enclosing city wall in itself is a magnificent example of Etruscan architecture, cyclopean masonary and skilled engineering over the slopes of two hills. Still standing, it is over 3 kilometres long and seven metres high and leaves you with a sense of awe. There is the first century AD amphitheatre built on top of the north hill, and later Domus mosiacs...

In the sixth century Roselle was invaded by Barbary pirates and lost its primacy of power. During the Middle Ages its position declined further due to the advancement of the land at the mouth of the river Ombrone and the development of a lagoon. Roselle was virtually abandoned until the 18th century.

If you are visiting Maremma and are at all interested in Etruscan or Roman history, this site is not to be missed. Even if you do not have time to take either of the two itinerary routes or venture into the park, I highly recommend that you make the five minutes drive up the hill to the visitor centre just to see the necropoli along the roadside on your left


Opening times: March to October: 9:00 to 19:30

November to February: 09:00 to 17:30

Entrance Fees: Adults: 4.00

18-25 year old visitors: 2.00

Under 18's and over-65 year old visitors: Free


Directions: Head inland from Pereta to Scansano (10km), pass the CO-OP on your left then turn left just before the chemist 9where the big bar is) onto Via Garibaldi/SS323 (direction Grosseto). Follow this road up to the roundabout and straight across. Follow the road (SS32) for about 22km. Turn right onto Via dei Laghi/SP42 for 4.7km. Turn right onto Via Batignanese and follow the road for 3.7km before turning right up to the park. Drive to the top and go to the tourist info centre to buy your tickets and pick up your itinerary.